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From horror movies to reality TV, the Downing Brothers, Anton and Anthony are creating their own "Twindom". Beginning in early 2007, buying their first property , the South Side Chicago natives grew up with family that instilled the importance of financial literacy, partnership, and building generational wealth. After graduating from Morgan Park High School and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, they began educating and giving back, by becoming firefighters respectively for Chicago (Tower Ladder 34) and Dolton (Engine 16), Illinois.

Over the next decade, they would amass a portfolio of single family homes, apartment buildings, and complete their first flip by 2013. A-mist this work, they would continue to use their social platforms to educate their peers of the opportunities that existed in the real estate market. They wanted their entire network to know that they could do the same thing, building generational wealth, changing the conversation regarding the curb appeal of Chicago's South Side and the conversations that currently surround this area in mainstream media. 

Since the success of their Chicago endeavors they've began to develop property in partnership with their mother in Nassau, Bahamas. The brothers are building several multi unit properties minutes away from Lynden Pindling International Airport. They plan to continue developing land in Nassau and the Bahamian Outer Islands upon completion of this project. 

Recently, they are on a new journey to Reality Television, piloting their first episode of "Double Down" with HGTV. They aren't just flipping homes, they are educating families and teens about the importance of financial literacy, credit, and using real estate as a catalyst to take action. Playing their respective roles, Anthony ensures the look and feel of all properties have a true essence of architectural character and curb appeal, while Anton consistently runs the numbers. At times, they have to take it to "Rock, Paper, Scissors" to get the job done, but both end up happy with phenomenal results. What's next for the Downing Brothers is the mantra they've stuck to since the beginning..."DREAM, PLAN, and EXECUTE."


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